Friday, 13 April 2012

New Blog

Seeing as I wasn't very good at keeping my season in Morzine blog up to date I've decided to start a new one...but this time it's to do with unemployment and the struggle it will be to break into the big wide world full of careers. I'm sure many of you can relate to this, especially those who have picked a competitive industry to get into - like me! 

Reflecting on my season - I had some awesome times, met some great people and not to mention picked up a hobby that I love and became pretty good at...all of which I miss. But I learnt some valuable lessons when it came to the working side of things. Just some advice to anyone thinking about Chalet Hosting: 

  • Don't think it will be easy - because it's not! (attention to detail is essential, along with the other million things you need to remember to do)
  • Looking down numerous toilets 6 days a week isn't great, not to mention sometimes having to scrub sick off the bathroom walls...mmm lush.
  • You have to work early mornings and then be back to work in the evening, sometimes until late (which is balls after a hard days riding up the mountain) 
  • If you get a job with a privately run chalet keep in mind you may have to put up with old men and guests talking absolute garbage at you.
  • Make sure you're not the youngest person working - that seems to be a good enough reason to be treated like sh*t! 

Just don't be afraid to fight your corner and if that means leaving - do it.

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